Spirits of Valley Forge
Phoenixville, PA  19460

tel 610-948-7609
fax 610-948-9070


Spirits of Valley Forge
About Us
Spirits of Valley Forge located in Pennsylvania was started in 1994 as an import business to provide economically reasonable pricing of specialty wines spirits and brewed beverages to the US market. Since that time we have evolved to brand a number of our own custom import products. Now serving through our distributors in the states of CT, GA, FL, IL, WI, TX, NJ and NY. Our product line consist of traditional German spirits such as Kirschwasser and Williams-Christ-Brine produced in the Black Forest, Riesling wine from Rhinehessen and Tequila from Mexican sources. Our gold is to offer the end user products that are exceptional values and with this in mind the two things we look for in our products are quality and price.
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